About Road Asset Management System

Indian Highways network is the world’s second largest road network of 4.87 million km. The total length of National Highways in India is over 97,135 km as on March 2015. National Highways account for only 2% of total road network, but carries 40% of the traffic.

The development of a Road Asset Management System (RAMS) for the entire National Highways along with collection of requisite data is underway as part of the Honourable Prime Minister's Digital India initiative. This World Bank funded project helps in creation of centralised road database for all NH’s in the country.

Road Asset Management System (RAMS) is a strategic and systematic process of maintaining, upgrading, and operating road assets effectively. Information collected and made available through this system will be useful for the agencies responsible for road development and maintenance, investors, as well as road users. The software is interfaced with Google Earth for providing additional information to road users.

The software is being developed by M/s HIMS Limited, New Zealand in joint venture with M/s SATRA Infrastructure Management Services Pvt Ltd., India.

Initially, data collection for 3,000 km length of the pilot NH network shall be included in RAMS. In subsequent stages; it is proposed to collect data for all NHs in India.

Project Objectives:

  • Development of single road database for NHs supported by analytical tools to be used by NHAI and MORTH
  • Institutionalise RAMS in NHAI and MORTH to assist in planning, programming and budgeting for road maintenance and upgrading works
  • Integrate GIS within RAMS to form publicly accessible Traveller/Tourist Information System